The Trial of David Owen Dodd

In December of 1863 Young David is taken prisoner at a Union check point south of Little Rock, Arkansas. Some questionable papers were found on his person and the Sergeant felt that he should be held until someone could assure that he was not a spy trying to ferret out information to Rebel troops. The papers that were in questioned turned out to be written in Morse Code detailing strengths and weaknesses of union troops garrisoned around and in Little Rock. He was arrested and forced to stand trial at a Military Tribunal with no chance of a fair trial. He was convicted and hung on a cold winter's day in January of 1864. This is his story.

This is The Trial of David Owen Dodd.
The Trial of David Owen Dodd

Seekers - Why They Do What They Do

Come with us as we travel the dark back roads of Arkansas in search of haunted locations where only the brave of heart go. Watch a woman struggle as spirits surround her; hold your breath as a black Hell Hound stalks a man and his wife; see a ghostly girl lure a man into her home and listen as a couple sit in their darkened home shocked by an argument between two ghosts. Join us as we talk to the men and women that search for evidence of hauntings and help us to understand why they do what they do, these Arkansas ghost hunters, these seekers of truth.

Seekers - Why They Do What They Do

Meet the Team

Steven Hefner


Generally a “Behind the Scenes” guy, Steven has worked on several projects over the years.  Growing up in a movie theater sparked his interest in film, and led him to create several fan based films over the years.  Computers also played a big part growing up, so he learned all he could about 3d design, graphics, and film during those earlier years.  In college Steven and a team of students created an infocommercial style of video for a final for speech.  Steven’s first major editing job was for a film called, “Culture Wars” in 2005.  Shortly after Steven formed Loadstorm Studios working on various projects over the years. Later on Steven and Alan Lowe teamed up to create a short film called, “Baby Girl”.  A horror based film about a troubled young girl.  In 2016 Steven worked on the feature length film, “Seekers” alongside Alan Lowe.  Steven recently teamed up again with Alan Lowe to create a docu-drama called, “The Trial of David Owen Dodd”, which tells the story about a young boy who was hung as a spy during the final months of the Civil War.  Looking forward Steven plans to continue working with Alan, and will begin production of a feature length version of “Baby Girl” in the next few months.

Alan Lowe


Alan was born, raised and educated in Little Rock, Arkansas. By trade he is a Construction Engineer. He became interested in film and acting many years ago. Alan made his acting debut in a made for television movie, “North and South Book II” in 1985. Since then he has appeared in over 30 films, television and staged productions. During his 33 year acting career, Alan has worked with Eric Laneuville and Kimberly Hardin among others. In 2005 Alan had his first book published concerning legends and lore of Arkansas. Since then he has written three more books. By 2015 his creative efforts moved to writing and directing films for TV. His well-established fan base will remember such short films as “Baby Girl” a short horror / thriller, filmed in 2015 and “SEEKERS” a feature documentary filmed in 2016. His latest film is “The Trial of David Owen Dodd” a docudrama soon to be released. He is currently working on a full length version of “Baby Girl” an action / thriller. Filming on this one is slated to start in the summer of 2018.   

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