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The Trial of David Owen Dodd was produced by Loadstorm Studios and Sarah Says Hi Productions. The movie centers on the trial of a young man that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Movies have been made about the story of David O. Dodd’s capture and hanging, but, until now, none have taken an in-depth look at the trial and the official records of the courtroom proceedings. The Writer/Director Alan Lowe immersed himself into the court records and the era in which the trial took place. Personalities emerge during the making of the film that grab the viewer’s emotions and cause viewers to wonder what circumstances could have led to such a terrible outcome. Steven Hefner, the Producer/Editor, made sure that the viewer could not only follow the story, but, via the editing process, be sent back in time to witness firsthand, the awful miscommunication of a country torn by war in early 1864. Communications from civilians that went unheard, from military personnel that simply were not provided in the courtroom, communications from a young girl that knew what David was up to, or not, and lastly, from the top. The president of the United States, Honest Abe, issued a special order that would save the boy’s life, if the court would hear it and honor it. This is the untold story of David Owen Dodd.

In December of 1863, young David is taken prisoner at a Union checkpoint south of Little Rock, Arkansas. Some questionable papers were found on his person, and the Sergeant felt that he should be held until someone could assure that he was not a spy, attempting to ferret out information to Rebel troops. The papers in question, turned out to be written in Morse Code detailing strengths and weaknesses of union troops garrisoned around and in Little Rock. He was arrested and forced to stand trial at a Military Tribunal. With no chance of a fair trial, he was convicted and hung on a cold winter's day in January of 1864. This is his story as seen through his eyes.

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